Staying at Timberline Lodge?

Sea to Summit is the most reliable 4×4 transportation service to Timberline Lodge.  If you plan to stay at Timberline Lodge over night there are a few things to know.

1) Private shuttles are always available and we can give you a personalized quote based on times and group size.

2) Public shuttles run as often as we can and when our minimum is met (5 or more people).  Best way to join a public shuttle is to send your requested dates with the BOOK NOW button as early as possible. If on one of your transit dates we do not have the minimum met we can send a private shuttle and a custom quote can be arranged.

3) Often we have shuttles to Mt Hood Meadows that go through the town of Government Camp.  As a option Sea to Summit can drop you in Government Camp where you can catch a inter mountain shuttle to Timberline the last 6 miles.

4) Please view luggage requirements!

Sea to Summit does our best to accommodate all our clients needs.  However, Sea to Summit does have minimums or equivelent charges to operate and above are several options to be considered.

Questions, please email or give us a call~