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Columbia River Gorge Tour ~ Price: $89.00
Columbia River Gorge Tour ~ Duration: 8:00am – 1:00pm 

About our Columbia River Gorge Tour

Sea to Summit’s Columbia River Gorge Tour takes you from Portland to the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, built by Sam Hill and Samuel Lancaster between 1913 and 1922.  During this amazing Columbia River Gorge Tour we travel along what is now the oldest scenic highway in the nation and has earned names such as “King of Roads” and “A Poem in Stone”.  Visiting breathtaking viewpoints including Chanticleer Point, Crown Point and the historic Vista House, which featuring incredible views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Your experienced tour guide will share the history and unique geological features that created and surround this designated National Scenic Area.  Tour and explore numerous waterfalls such as Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Horsetail Falls, and the Majestic 620ft Multnomah Falls.

Sea to Summit’s Columbia River Gorge Tour is not complete without a visit to the Bonneville Dam, Salmon Ladders and Oregon’s largest fish hatchery, all amazing stops that most other tour companies overlook.  Our Columbia River Gorge tour is historically and geologically informative, while being amazingly scenic and beautiful the entire time!

About the Columbia River Gorge Landscape

The Columbia River Gorge consists of over 290,000 acres and is designated as a National Scenic Area. Up to 4,000 feet deep, the Gorge is over 80 miles long, cutting through the mighty Cascade Range and forms the boundary between Washington and Oregon.

The Gorge’s formation began 40 to 60 million years ago, when molten lava pressure pushed up granite to frame the Columbia Basin.  Between 6 to 17 million years ago, ancient volcanoes erupted creating the Cascade Mountain range. The Columbia Gorge had the most dramatic help around 15,000 -17,000 years ago when the Missoula Floods raged through in the last ice age, cutting the steep cliffs visible today. The flood waters are believed to have been up to 2000 feet deep and flowed an estimated 80 miles per hour.

The Columbia River Gorge is the only place in the entire Cascade Mountain Range, which stretches from British Columbia to California.  The Cascade Mountains are split at near sea level and as a result was the path of Lewis and Clark’s journey in 1805 to the Pacific Ocean and the 2nd route of the Oregon Trail.

Join Sea to Summit Tours & Adventures on an informative and beautifully scenic Columbia River Gorge Tour from Portland today!

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