About Our Rates & Policies

Sea to Summit carefully prices every tour and adventure to optimize your experience. We offer highly affordable rates, but we’ll never sacrifice your comfort to save a buck. We’re professionals: you can trust us to never waste your time or your money. Our policies are in place to protect the interests of other customers, our guides, and you.

Travel Agents & Concierges

10% commission for Travel Agents and Concierges when booking with Sea to Summit Tours & Adventures.

Trip Minimums

Sea to Summit requires a 4-5 person minimum or equivalent tour charge to operate trips.  Individuals and couples are welcome to join public trips going out.  Please send in your reservation request with the “BOOK NOW” button and we will get busy matching you up with a public tour.

Reservation and cancellation policy:

We want you to have some flexibility should your vacation need to be canceled. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing travel/vacation insurance. We strongly suggest this option. If you choose not to purchase this insurance, please understand that our cancellation policy is meant to give you some alternatives should your plans change, while also protecting the reliability and integrity of our business from last minute cancellations.


  • WITHIN 7 DAYS of the scheduled tour date:
    *No refunds given for cancellation within 7 days.
  • WITHIN 8 AND 14 DAYS of the scheduled tour date:
    *Cancellation fee 50% of trip cost.
  • MORE THAN 14 DAYS of the originally scheduled tour date:
    *Cancellation fee of $50 per person per tour.

***IMPORTANT*** Sea to Summit cancellations rarely happen but can occur due to heavy rains, winds, ice storms resulting in road/ski resort closures and minimums (4-5 person or equivalent charge) not met. When such situations arise, Sea to Summit will contact you on your cell number and e-mail address you provided and your payment will be refunded in full and/or other options discussed.

Tour Rates