Do what with the water?


What do I do with the water on Oregon Wine Tours?

  • Drink the water,  Don’t rinse out your wine glass with it!  Most wineries have water on the counter to keep you hydrated. Water is destructive to wine and shouldn’t be used to rinse your glass between wine tastes. Water dilutes the wine and alters the chemistry, so if you must rinse your glass between tastes on the tour it is much better to rinse with wine than water. Tasting rooms present the wine from lightest to heaviest, so as long as you follow the recommended order, you will never have to worry about cleaning your glass out. But feel free to drink water whenever you want, please stay hydrated it will be a better experience if you stay hydrated during a Oregon Wine County Tour. We will also have plenty of bottled water for you in Sea to Summit’s vehicle as well during the tour.