Viator? Expedia? Should clients book with them?

No Way and here is why.

With Viator, Expedia and other 3rd party booking booking systems,  you basically lose all the personal connection with the supplier or tour operator… “Whom ever that may be”  because you don’t even really know?

There is a huge disconnect from the guest and the company you are actually going on tour with… is it fast food or fine dining?  The 3rd party booking agents like this are basically just big business corporations reaping the benefits or $$$ from the hard work of smaller businesses.  While charging 20-25% for taking the reservation you basically receive terrible customer service in return, if  there is any customer service at all….

Sea to Summit’s clients deserve better, because in the end its not good for the client “You”,  or the supplier “Sea to Summit” ….. Book direct its better for all 🙂

hope to see you soon~