Meals included?

What about lunch, is food included?

 Sea to Summit will always stop someplace with great cuisine during the tour and your meal decision and price is independent of the tour.

Oregon Wine Tours: Typically we grab gourmet sandwich’s, salads, etc and picnic at one of the scenic vineyards on our Oregon Wine Tours. Otherwise a Bistro is always a excellent option during the wine tour especially if its raining or cold.  Furthermore, you are always welcome to pack your own picnic lunch and this is often the best and most economical choice for private wine tour groups.

Oregon Sightseeing Tours: Sea to summit will discuss all meal options relevant during the Oregon Tour you are headed out on. Again, taking each groups interest and individuality to mind, we will stop where is best on that particular trip.

Portland Ski Shuttles:  Its your call call … if you wanna be economical pack it, Otherwise grab it at the mountain at a price. However, I will say Timberline lodge has a pretty sweet buffet and FYI if you buy a lift ticket from Sea to Summit or have a season pass you get $5 off!