Do you have limos?

Sorry, no limos here…..

  • We are experienced, knowledgeable and laid back native Oregonians and our guides will provide a great experience in Oregon’s wine country. While limos are great for weddings and maybe proms, they are not ideal for Oregon’s Wine Country or any other of our tours for that matter.
  • Having a stretched car doesn’t make sense on dirt wine country roads or make the wines taste any better during a Oregon wine tour.
  • Sea to Summit’s tour vehicles have forward facing seats and are more comfortable especially when drinking wine and have large windows so you can view the beautiful Oregon wine county scenery during the tour.
  • Furthermore, some Oregon “off the beaten path”wineries don’t even allow limos. Some winery access roads can be to difficult or impossible to get to as the roads are too steep and precarious and they just are not practical.