Going up one day & down another?

You need to make reservations and hold seats for both days, as it is two separate dates you require seats! There is also a section for special itineraries put your plans in there…..example (date up 5th & date down 8th) But again you need to reserve seats both dates!

Important Luggage Notice:  Please pack efficiently,  Sea to Summit believes in safety 1st and while our custom equipped 4×4 vehicles are the most reliable and equipped on the mountain, they do not have room for you to over pack! We do have room for a pair of skis or snowboards, back packs and small – med size square roller bags, the size you can carry on plane/overhead (18x15x30) or smaller. We do not have room for the huge square roller bags.

If you do have the large size square bag, bigger than (18x15x30) it may be a extra charge and please call or email ahead to inform our staff. Thank you~